All Opeongo Soaps and body care products are inspired by nature and provide ecological skin care with unprecedented benefits. Our soaps are made with ingredients like; goat’s milk from local area herders, self-collected rainwater which has the perfect PH and a low mineral content, and sometimes locally brewed beer is used, for example, in some of our Everything Soap Bars (shampoo to toes) which are only ever made with essential oils and only natural, plant derived, colourants. All soaps are minimally packaged while still providing necessary information required by Health Canada Standards. Making them ecological, as well as, nourishing for your hair and skin! Although we strive to use 100% pure essential oils in most of our soaps there are a select few of the old favourites that we make with fragrance (lab-made, phthalate free) oils.
All our soaps are made by the traditional cold processed method; meaning a lye solution is made by adding the lye to the water (or whatever non-oil liquid is chosen (milks must be frozen and left to thaw to a slushie consistency so as not to scorch)) and allowed to cool to 115 – 120 Fahrenheit, (when the lye is added to liquid it heats up to over 200 Fahrenheit) Meanwhile the chosen oils are being melted and brought up to around the same temperature as the lye solution once it has cooled. This is when the magic happens! The lye solution is added to the oils and a chemical reaction, called saponification, happens. When the mixture has cooled some more and comes to the desired consistency any scent and/or colour is added. Then it is poured into molds and allowed to cure just long enough to come out of the molds as a solid large bar/loaf) of soap. It cures for another 12 – 24 hours before cutting into the bars that are then cured for a further 6 weeks. (this full cure makes a good hard bar of soap that lasts a long time). Once the bars are fully cured each one is hand smoothed, with a clay carving tool, to take the rough edges off that are left from the cutting process. Our bars are also polished by rubbing them with a dry cloth to take off any further soap “dust” remaining from the carving process. After all these steps have been completed the soaps are ready for labelling with a hand punched tag and tied to the soap with hemp string. Our Neem Nurturer Facial & Body Butter was formulated with coconut oil, olive oil, cocoa butter Neem oil, local chemical free beeswax, and 100% pure essential oils. The need for a product that worked for mature, acne prone skin and one that nourished and protected even the most sensitive skin was the achieved goal. Each small batch is hand made, poured into jars and labelled. Pit Perfect Natural Underarm Deodorant Balms are all-natural containing coconut oil, local chemical free beeswax, arrowroot starch, kaolin clay powder, cucumber powder and 100% pure essential oils. So, no harsh irritants to cause those painful, unsightly bumps. Again, each small batch is hand made, poured into tins and labelled.

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