Let your style tell your story! With the luxurious bamboo socks from Akụkọ your customers can express their style with every step. Akụkọ means "story" in Igbo. With our roots in Nigeria and our feet in Sweden, we create space for African stories and make sustainable and vibrant bamboo socks to carry our message to the world. Whether you want to add a colourful touch to your corporate wear, spice up your street style or add style to your fitness outfit, Akuko socks will ensure that your day is full of positive energy. Comfortable, stylish and uniquely Afrocentric - the Ogene collection is available in ankle, dress and sport fits. [www.akukoworld.com](http://www.akukoworld.com) ![enter image description here](https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0306/4813/9909/files/akuko-bamboo-socks-african-design.jpg "enter image title here")

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