Our mission is to find the best coffees we can and roast them to their full potential, highlighting the sweetness and flavor of each coffee. We believe that coffee should be exciting, flavorful, accessible and unique. The end goal of all we do is to bring our customers coffees that will introduce them to the possibilities of specialty coffee that we source and roast with care and a passion for the art of roasting. Third Wave opened in 2016 to bring amazing specialty coffee to everyone. We focus on both approchable and adventorous coffees that will excite both those who are just learning about specialty coffee and those of us who are looking for the most fruit forward and bright coffees out there. Our mindset is to bridge the gap between the second and third wave styles of coffee by offering coffee that will blow people away and educating people on how to brew better coffee at home. So whether you are new to Third Wave style coffee or have been around specialty coffee for years, we hope you order a bag and enjoy our hard work finding the best coffee lots out there.

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