Farm Hounds is a unique treat line that gravitates around two main ideas - to work with and support locals farms, and giving your customers access to the quality of product small farms can produce. 

For the last 15 years, we’ve been a small company focused on dogs. From health to happiness, our business decisions have always grown from what is best for our animal companions.

We started our first small business in the dog care industry, owning and operating a large dog boarding and daycare facility in Atlanta. We began offering a curated selection of foods, treats and accessories for our customers based on our own personal research of what we would want for our own pack and they loved it!

Our treats and chews are unlike anything else available because they are curated directly from the best small family farms.  Our customers will know the farm where we sourced the product they are purchasing.

Farm Hounds - The Best Dog Treats, Sourced from Local Farms

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