Since 2003, we live by the Arjeplog mountains of Swedish Lapland, 40 km from the Arctic polar circle which defines the limit of 24h day light between may-august. After few years in Lapland, we realized that our arctic terroir is unique with solar, soils and climate conditions and lack of pollution. It provides us with superior raw foods that we think have both a high nutritional as well as an ethical and ecological value: Wild, renewable and free of contamination. In 2006, we started by collecting and bottling natural Birch sap and since then, we try to experiment new natural products Harvesting, processing and packaging wild forest products is very time- consuming. During the whole process, we try to preserve the natural qualities of each product. Our work is small-scale, manual labour with respect to the nature we harvest. We do not add any chemicals, preservatives or additives to our products, and we follow the legal requirements of food production from EU with a full authorized workshop and products. we operate a rental business (Stora Björnstugan) and a non-timber products workshop under the umbrella of Mount Niebsurte Company, registered in Sweden with organisation number 711225-1603 in Laisvallbyvägen 09, 93893 Laisvall, Arjeplog kommun, Norrbottens Län. Our products follow the legal regulation and requirement of food production.

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